Browserback-Key always goes to the first page

  • Hello!
    I really like Vivaldi and its super easy to set diffent Keys to different funktions in the Settings.
    My Thinkpad-Keayboard has two buttons above the Arrow-Keys: When I use them in the Settings they are called Browserback and Browserforward, thats why I refer to them with that name.
    Even though they are not used in factory-settings, they have a function: They make the page jump to the very first page (or the very least) page this tab used.
    That behaviour is very annoing, because every other browser just goes one page back (or forward) and thats the way they should behave. Its like like browsing in a file system: backwards or forwards.
    However: Keybindings in Vivaldi are changable, and thats a neat feature.
    So if i do bind them for page forward/backward they should do exactly what I want. Sounds good, doesn't work.
    They are listed as Browserback in the correct field and cant be used elsewhere, but its just not working. I dont use a Mouse and always going for Alt+Arrowkey is just not as easy.
    Couldn't believe I'm the only one with ThinkPad keyboard and those keys, but I didn't found nothing in this forum.
    I use Win7Pro (64bit), german keyboard layout, Viv 1.10.867.38 (Stable channel) (32-Bit) and this behaviour has been ever since Vivaldi exists...
    Hope there is a solution,


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    I have a multi-media keyboard with Back/Forward buttons. They are not assigned in Settings, Keyboard, but they still work. Try removing the assignments and see if it is any better.

    I see the history jump by two steps sometimes, but it does not rewind.

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