Weird Snapshot Failure.

  • Well, this was most odd !! 1.11.904.3 has been running just fine for me since we got it. Today, a couple of hours ago, it vanished from my desktop, including all processes [it'd been open & in active use for a few hours]. Puzzled, i relaunched it, & watched it opening up... looking good, but then before all the tabs had finished lazily-loading, it vanished again [with all processes stopped again]. Relaunched - ditto. Ditto - ditto. Hmmm, huh?

    Looked in Default; all files looked ok, except for both Current Tabs & Last Tabs. Instead of being ~2.6 MB [in a not-so-recent backup copy], they were both vaporised to 8 bytes. Bugger... & what had caused this?

    In one of my oS TW VMs i had just manually [coz still not in the repos] installed 1.11.915.3, to test if it now saves passwords again [another bugger; still not fixed, sob sniff]. Thought i'd test if my exact "real" but dodgy Default directory would behave itself again in the new SS, in this VM. It did -- all good. Huh? So on that basis, back in my real OS, i manually installed the same latest RPM, &... voila, all good again too.

    Happy, but very very confused. Any ideas anyone, pls?

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