Tab hibernation on system hibernation

  • Hi all,
    Delighted to explore Vivaldi (being an old Opera user going back to O5), I am running into the following problem:
    When hibernating (or even suspending) my computer (granted, a rather old+weak machine) with several (10+) tabs of Vivaldi, redrawing of tabs upon system resume is excruciatingly slow: after waiting for sometimes 15+minutes, closing down V. and reopening however is fast.
    Unchecking LazyLoad brings only some improvement.
    After reading quite a number of relevant posts, I have now found that hibernating all background tabs (i.e. leaving only 1 active tab) solves the delay-upon-system-resume problem.
    However, I sometimes forget to do such a background tab hibernation before system suspend/hibernation.
    My question: Does anybody have an idea how one could automate this process?
    Thanks for any pointers

  • You can't do it with Vivaldi alone. You will have to use some kind of task manger. But your problem doesn't seem to be common, without you providing more info and trying to get behind what is causing it, it will be hard to pin down.

  • Thanks for your reply luetage. Obviously, you're absolutely right re "trying to get behind what's causing it", but insofar as I don't plan to replace my old computer (the weakness of which I suspect to have to do with the problem) and, on the other hand, trust in further development of V (and thus hope that the issue may just "disappear"), I'm simply looking for a down-to-earth fix.
    Had thought that maybe somebody had tried a script, maybe AutoHotkey?


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