Gmail problems - items keep reappearing after being deleted

  • This has been happening in my Gmail Vivaldi since the beginning of this week. Items I delete (empty trash) keep reappearing in their relevant tabs.
    I have looked for answers elsewhere and eventually found out that if I use Firefox ( it was my previous default browser including GMAIL) I can really get rid of my email trash.
    Any ideas about this problem ?
    Thank you

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    @tamnun No idea here. I see nothing like this. Do you use any extensions?

  • Yes I do use some extemsion
    YouTube Video and Mp3 Downloader 14.1.1
    AdBlock 3.14.0
    Adblock for Youtube™ 4.3.1Enabled
    Mailtrack for Gmail & Inbox: Email tracking 2.21.2
    Right Click Translate 1.4.8
    Search in background tab
    In my opinion this has nothing to do with this strange phenomenon (which continues....)

  • That mail tracking extension might causing the problem. uninstall it then try.

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    Please try to check if a start in Private Window shows the same issue.
    If not it is one of you extensions causing such failure.

  • I have recently started experiencing this as well. I found that if I delete a number of mails, the first one selected will stay deleted, the others re-appear in my inbox.
    I experimented and disabled my MAILTRACK extension and everything worked perfectly then.
    When I enabled it again, the same issue resumed.

    I cannot find any contact details from the MAILTRACK website. Can anyone help here.

  • @jeremyvz
    In case you use this extension the developer contact in the chrome store is:


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