My suggestion: Add a field in Bookmarks Panel to see Imported bookmark details

  • I know that there are 2 fields in the [b]Bookmarks Panel[/b] to write things [b]Description[/b] and [b]Nickname[/b] fields editing each bookmark but I'm speaking about Imported bookmark details... when I add a bookmark in My.Xmark (the web page of my bookmarks saved in used for me like I use the webmails pages insted of popmails ) I can add details like numbers or something related with the bookmark (a note, a phrase, etc) so when [u]I export my bookmarks via my.xmarks web page to a HTML file I export the bookmark details too to that HTML file[/u]. When I Import my bookmark here using that HTML file recently exported from xmark [u]I lose those bookmark details because there is no field named Details where I can see them.[/u] [b]I suggest add a field where Details are shown for example Details field or[u] use Description field to Import bookmark details[/u][/b] the tag imported from HTML file is this way: URL1



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