[BUG] Url Auto-complete (Ctrl+Enter) on sites starting with W

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    I have already reported it in BTS. URL Auto-complete aka Ctrl+Enter doesn't work for addresses starting with W. If you write, for example, [b]wikipedia[/b] and hit Ctrl+Enter you'll go to ikipedia.com. It doesn't matter the amount of W's it has, it will ignore and delete all of them. So even if you write wwwwwwwwwwwwikipedia you are still going to ikipedia.com.

  • Ctrl+Enter is fundamentally broken, likely disabled?

    How to Recreate:

    1. Find a website you've never visited, say Disney.com
    2. Type "Disney" into the address bar
    3. Press Ctrl+Enter to add http://www.*.com to the url
    4. Confirm it does not work, and instead, performs a lookup on Disney and redirects to the disney webpage.

    Every major browser includes this functionality including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE11.

    NOTE: This is very noticable when one has an autocompletion on the address bar.

    For example - if I've been to NYTimes articles, then type nytimes ctrl+enter to intentionally go to the home page, instead ctrl+enter is ignored and the autocomplete unhelpfully chooses a seemingly random historical link to direct me to.


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