Vivali x64 , Windows 7 ,How to set the downloading folder path ?

  • Hi, I use Windows 7 x64 SP1 and have installed Vivaldi x64 V How to set the downloading folder path under Vivaldi browser ? Usually with any browser we can specify any pathname we want for the default folder where downloadings are stored in. Regards, 100PIER

  • i suggest you searched in the forums… 😉

  • @newscpq,
    I have searched in the forum and got this screen snapshot (see attachment).
    If you have a reply it will be helpful.

  • Moderator

    OK - two things: number one, learn how to search. The more words, suffixes, cases, etc. you include in a search, the fewer results you will get. Had you searched, for instance, "download path," you would have gotten a lot of results, including several answering your question. This is assuming, that is, that you searched in the right place - that being this page:

    Second thing: The answer to your question is that the ability to select a specific download path has not yet been added to this very primitive version of Vivaldi. The devs will add it as soon as they get the chance.


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