Vivaldi snapshot now available!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi everyone! A new Vivaldi snapshot is available! Enjoy improved tab and bookmark management. Go to: //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • Since this snapshot I cannot minimize the browser window by clickin on the "_" at the top right.
    Vivaldi tries to minimize and pops up again immediately.
    Using Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS with KDE desktop. Might be a problem with KDE, not exactly sure. Not sure if the latest snapshot caused the problem or some other system/lib updates that I did at the same time. My Kubuntu is at the latest stable version now though.

    Also filed a bug report for this, as it is kinda annoying 😉

  • I confirm that one inconvinience on Debian Jeccie same with KDE. Vivaldi, edition (from "About" window) 609debf20f7c8fe8ffd2fa62618222ab. KDE version 5.84

  • Hey!

    Thanks for the 32bit release! 😎

  • Trying to download the linux rpm 32 bit version returns

    Can't find this version

    Edit: Tested .debs and 64 bit downloads. I guess the server is down today.

  • Got HUGE slowness in this release.
    Opening new tab ~5 sec. JS perform with same latency.
    In first 1-2 seconds of rendering page blured.

    Please check it, I lost opportunity to use browser at all. Vivaldi became unusable.

    Ubuntu 15.05 Beta, x64 version


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