Common: (Havtn't found where can i leave my first feedback that has no content only emotions )

  • Hi guys! You are the best! I wated opera to create something like opera 12.17 i fighed with them and had to set up and old one 12.16 cause 26 and 27 are comlete shit) I instaled it yesterday and fall in love with it instantly. You did it! You did what opera ought to did! Some decisions are eaven greater than i expected( work with bookmarks). I'm a web developer and i'm very glad that got this tool, using it is very easy & instinctively understandable. But there are some problems: 1. it took a lot of time to move my bookmarks from imported folder to root of bookmarks. UI works not very vell. 2. there is problem with speed of opening and shutting down the programme. I hope you'll do your best to do this browser best! P.S. Sorry for my english. I'm from russia)


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