Cannot install on two desktops on the same pc

  • after downloading and installing Vivaldi on my desktop I was able to import bookmarks from Firefox, but after going to my wife's desktop and downloading and installing a new Vivaldi exe file there it would only show my bookmarks. I saved her Firefox bookmarks as a HTML file and imported them ok, but on going back to my desktop my bookmarks had been replaced by hers.It seems that it will allow only one Vivaldi to be shared by the two different desktops. Running Windows 8.1

  • You only needed to install it once for "All users". Then as long as Windows actually gives you different desktops you should have different storage as well.

    The latest "snapshot" is, as seen on the blog. The latest "preview" is still (not quite the first preview, but a good 2 weeks older than the snapshot), though they would like to update that this week, Check to make sure which version you have - if it is the original then you should update to the latest preview.. Then run the installer and click on Advanced. Make sure the installation type is All users then reinstall.

  • Thanks for your help. I have gone back to the beginning and downloaded the snapshot and the preview versions, but in both cases when I click on Advanced there is only the option to Install per user, the drop down menu is greyed and does not work.

  • 1. After starting the installation, select a directory to install (Program Files (x86)) and then just kind of installation (all users)

  • That has worked fine - I'm trying out the snapshot version - many thanks. Looking forward to using it.


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