The fixes are back! Vivaldi Snapshot 1.11.915.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    The fixes are back! With minor Reader Mode and Installer improvements.

    Click here to see the full blog post

  • Furst Poste!

    Amazing fixes!!

  • finally, i was worried :p

  • @jacekn: nothing much useful

    today i got suprised that reordering bookmarks list in bookmarks managers does NOT put folders first o.O is it on to-do list?

  • The agenda is still improving !

  • Vivaldi Team

    @jacekn: What OS are you on? I can't reproduce that on my w10

  • @Aronand said in [Stabilizing for 1.10 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.867.27]

    yeah, this issue has been on our radar for some time, I'll try and push for it a bit more, doubt we can have it in the final, but hopefully we can have it in some snapshot after."

    I guess you got some push-back on the array of related tab stack issues. Any hope at this point?

  • Vivaldi Team

    @rseiler: There is still hope, but I would not hold my breath, I understood it as a big task to take on, but it is one we would still very much like to deal with as soon as possible :)

  • When I tried to auto-update via the small delta update, I got the following error:
    "Installation failed due to unspecified error. If Vivaldi is currently running, please close it and try again."
    (vivaldi was indeed closed according to process explorer)

    Trying to auto-update again gave me:
    "The installer failed to uncompress archive. Please download Vivaldi again."

    Trying to auto-update a third time ignored the small delta update and tried to use the full installer. This produced the same error messages (first try the 1st error message, and 2nd attempt gave the 2nd error message).

    I then tried to download the actual installer from the blog post. The installer wizard opened, but when I clicked to install, the green spinner ran for a few seconds and I got the first error message again.

    I used the windows 7+ installer for 64-bit, Vivaldi.1.11.915.3.x64.exe, on windows 10 version 1703.

    [Update: I restarted my computer and unzipped the installer to update manually, and that seems to have worked]

  • After moving around and reordering bookmarks and folders, and closing the program, I have -again- been experiencing problems with Vivaldi 64bit not restarting or opening.
    Please developers be relentless in your testing of this matter, how the program acts and performs with a large (but nothing extreme) bookmark file.

  • When typing mail in QCommands, it now jumps first to Mail panel, which doesn't exist. Before it jumped to one of my mail providers. Any chance that could be reverted?
    Maybe an option to first recommend either actions or links/bookmarks.

  • Seventh !

  • Has the tab cycling when set to "cycle in tab order" and using Right-Click+Scroll been reversed? I'm fairly certain it used to (on windows) be Down=Right, Up=Left but now its backwards.

  • Thousand thanks for saved Reader setting!

    For me the scrollbar still doesn't work properly in Reader mode. :-(

  • What exactly was fixed under VB-30001?

    The notes simply say:

    [Installer] Completed Standalone install can open All User install. VB-30001

    I am curious, because this looks like it is an old bug given the early 3000 range number.

    Anywhere I can view the bug description for VB-30001?

  • Moderator

    @sethjbr said in The fixes are back! Vivaldi Snapshot 1.11.915.3:

    It is not 3,000+1 ist is 30,000+1, Bug number is not old.
    //edit: wrong delimiter. Sorry.

    I will not copy the complete bug tracker entry. The bug means that a update of a standalone Vivaldi restarts the wrong Vivaldi version (of a global installed, For all Users) often resulting in broken profile.

  • @aronand: win10

  • Moderator

    @sethjbr: It's 30 001, it's a recent bug.

  • @An_dz @Gwen-Dragon

    Thanks for clearing that up. :)

  • Why there is a blue border around the address bar, new thing?

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