Crash report

  • Love what I've seen so far, and will stay with it . I'm using Firefox for this, because Vivaldi crashes every time I try to log in to the forum.

  • AlexeyK77 found the solution to log-ins at least for all sites I've tried. When you go to log in, be sure you have checked the box "Keep logged in" or similar. Then, when you click on "Log In," quickly click outside Vivaldi with your mouse. The log-in should go through. And if you allow to stay logged in, you won't have the problem again. Hopefully

  • hi - it happened to me until last night, but today it magically stays put.

  • Thanks for the answer. I've sent a bug report. It happens with Facebook and Twitter logins too.
    Edit: This works, but doesn't save the passwords. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, because I'm too lazy and mentally fried to remember all those passwords.


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