Status of a bug report / Open bug-report system

  • This is not really a forum request.
    Please move it if not proper.
    And please send it to the team.

    Since JIRA can send emails to the bug reporter, why not let the reporter be emailed again when the status of his report is marked/changed by the dev?

    And really hope an (half-)open bug-report system can be used, where users can at least search/read the contents, and can even add infos for each other. Thus we don't have to report the same things blindly/repeatedly.

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    @vias Please report that as a feature request to Vivaldi devs.
    In this special case please use bugtracker at

  • VB-30439.
    But I don't think a (single internal) bug-report will work...

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    @vias I hope that will be discussed internally.

  • Right now when we log bugs its like posting on an archaic blog post (like that lousy google feedback on anything google) without any guarantee of it being read/acted upon or whether it has already been posted (search feature) - Would be nice to see it implemented as most (OSS) software have done, where everyone can see any bug posted by anyone, instead of it being kept under wraps ?!!

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    @rojaviv Not a request for the browser, so thread moved.

    Frequently asked before, but the bug-tracker is closed.

  • @pesala Thanks for moving it, and strange they chose to close the bug tracker. Was hoping for more openness from V. The way it is designed, it keeps asking for email each time (even though we are logged in same domain) we post so I doubt if anyone even looks at those posts 🙂 Am not gonna bother posting any more bugs..seems like a black hole unfortunately. Can't even close/update our own bugs - seems like an intern's project which has been step-mothered.

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    You can reply to your bug notification emails with updates, attachments, or to report if it was fixed by some change that you discovered for yourself.

    Bug Reporting Help

  • I fully agree. I have reported bugs many weeks ago and there is just zero feedback. No "we classified this report as lowest priority", no "we cannot reproduce", no "we need more info", no "we can reproduce", nothing. Horrible user experience. If your first bug reports get treated like this, there is obviously no incentive to continuously interact with this system and report any other bugs. In fact, I would even say now that the bad handling of bug reports has pushed me farther away from this browser than those bugs themselves...

  • As fa as I know the only method of seeing if a bug has been fixed is by scanning the changelog,
    But then sometimes they come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @wea0 There is some discussion going on about improving feedback for bug reports. However, "many weeks ago" is nothing to get excited about.

    Some bugs that I reported years ago are still not fixed.

    My most recent bug was reported on 10th April as (VB-39086). That's over 39,000 bugs reported in about three years. Even allowing for numerous duplicates and faulty bug reports, there may be 10,000 unfixed bugs remaining.

    With a team of about 20 developers it is impossible to fix every bug at once. If you report a bug in the forums first, you can get some feedback.

    Those with access to the bug-tracker will often look up your bug and tell you its current status.

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    Feature is open and no progress.

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    As i know, the current state of opening the bugtracker to users is a: Won't do that yet.

  • Having a publicly accessible bug tracker would allow users with the same issue to add additional information about the issue themselves

    • environment info e.g. OS, Vivaldi build, pages/urls that are causing the issue
    • workarounds for the issue
    • whether other browsers exhibit the same issue
    • upvote issues e.g. "I'm having this problem too" for bugs and "I would like this feature too" for feature requests, to give the dev team some additional data for deciding which issues to prioritize
    • insights on what may be the root cause of the issue (for knowledgeable
    • attachments e.g. screenshot or screen recording

    From a user's point of view, it'd be nice to have access to bug tracker where information about bugs are gathered all in one place instead of having to search through various online communities or comment sections for that kind of information.

    Having a publicly accessible tracker would also allow users to watch or subscribe to issues such that they'll be notified by email when there are changes on the bug report such as status change (e.g. unconfirmed->confirmed, closed as not reproducible, invalid) or new comments on the report. This is better than having to post on forums to ask about the status of bug(s).

    Another thing I observed is that sometimes when the devs cannot reproduce the issue or don't understand the report, they simply close the issue without notifying the user(s) instead of requesting for clarification or more information from the user(s). Then the user(s) find out through the intermediaries that the bugs are closed even though they can still reproduce it, at which point the bug gets reopened. This is clearly suboptimal. If there were a public tracker, not just the user(s) who reported the bugs, other users can also chime in if the devs need more information to reproduce or understand the issue.

  • The only thing having a public bug tracker would accomplish is to produce mass confusion.
    Much like this thread.

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    Alle these guys should have a look on public trackers like openoffice or libreoffice. There are many old bugs, having more and more duplicate entries, instead of fixing. A mess.

    I swear, reporting and seeing a bug not fixed will lead to frustration and angry answers to reports from disappointed users. That will result in more time to spend checking for bad reports and having less time to test and verify old and new bugs.

  • @gwen-dragon All 'these guys' just need a way to see if a bug has already been logged, and whats being done about it 🙂 I dont think it is a mess if there is a multi-way communication about it ? As for frustrated users - they are there everywhere. No one tool can satisfy everyone.


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