Selecting text does not copy it to clipboard in v1.10.867.42 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

  • Hi, I use the mentioned version of Vivaldi in a GNU\Linux based distribution and can confirm that selecting text does not copy it to the clipboard which is contrary to the expected behaviour on a GNU based platform. This is a major annoyance.

    I have noticed someone else complaining about this regarding an earlier Vivaldi version (see
    Copy (select) & past links; not copy to clipboard (Linux) ) and the proposed "solution" -- to set the "Cut and Copy Encoded" -- did solve the problem. However, as I said, this should really be the default on GNU platforms.

    Could it be that a plugin interferes with this? I have "Ad Nauseum" ad-blocker installed.

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    On which Linux is that auto-copy of a selected text a default?

    Selecting text does not copy to clipboard on my Ubuntu and Debian Linux in no browser (tested with Firefox, Chromium, Vivaldi).

  • Hi, on Opensuse text in pages is working but not in Vivaldi adressfield where it is most needed. Mark text is a different clipboard than Crtl+C, so you have two clipbords. Very handy.

    CHeers, mib


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