Not even an OPTION for Firefox style tabs???

  • Vivaldi seems to be built on a "make it your own" mentality of having all these awesome customizations. But the ONE thing that would make me want to use it over Chrome is the tabs, and that is just as big a pile of shit as Chrome is. How can ANYONE (or at least any power user) find the Chrome tab layout anything but awful? When you open a lot of tabs it shrinks them down to these tiny little nubs that no one can read. PLEASE tell me there is a way to make Vivaldi work like this, or that there are plans to add this in the future. Just give us the OPTION for it, or allow for it via an extension. The problem with Vivaldi extensions is THERE ARE NONE. All the extensions are just Chrome extensions, so none of those can take advantage of Vivaldi's ability to do more. Chrome doesn't even support the ability to change tab behavior.

  • @boxfreind I do not share your invective for tab-size reductions as quantities increase. Specifically i love this feature [combined with V's tab-stacking & thumbnail previews], & loathe the Firefox method. For my workflow & personal sensibility the V mode entirely suits.

    Before you decide to next rant & profane, you might wish to reflect that there is no automatic nexus between your passionate personal perspective & All Other Browser Users. Some, yeah, but not all [should i capitalise that for you to better comprehend?]. Hence your "How can ANYONE (or at least any power user) find the Chrome tab layout anything but awful? " reads as a fairly immature face-blurt.

    Actually, to partially contradict my sarcasm, if this was a forum for Chrome, & if the browser in question was Chrome, then despite the folly of speaking in absolutes i'd be more inclined to agree with you, given i dislike & eschew Chrome [a browser for kindergarteners, teehee]. V however is so vastly superior to Chrome in so many ways that any comparison is usually irrelevant.

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    @boxfreind Welcome to the forum. I see that Steffie has already beaten me to it by offering a welcome in her usual style.

    You might want to reflect on the poor tone of your post. It's not a great way to introduce yourself to the Vivaldi community. We are here because we like Vivaldi, not Firefox.

    There are already previous requests asking for scrolling tabs like Firefox, and another requesting Tree-style tabs.

    Vivaldi is only a couple of years old, and has already added a ton of features in response to our requests, but it's a small team, and there is still much to be done. They are currently working hard on sync.

    To work around the problems caused by opening loads of tabs, try tab-stacking, or save sessions (from the file menu). If you decide to stick around, learn how to search and be polite. You will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  • @Pesala said in Not even an OPTION for Firefox style tabs???:

    in her usual style

    Teehee, nicely ironically acerbic, but entirely valid point of yours. 🙂

  • I hate the Chromium tabs without a minimum width. Coming from Firefox it's a real dealbreaker for me. I too hope we will someday see an option for a tab strip with scroll bars like in Edge or Firefox.


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