When can we have a universal Video Pop Out like Opera and Maxthon?

  • Both Maxthon (first) and Opera now have useful Pop out video feature all built into the browsers. When can Vivaldi do this?

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    @uhm One would have to guess. And if I had to guess, I would guess "not soon." Due to the architecture of the browser with its separate and non-native UI and the amount of coding that had to go into something as "simple" as making the developer tools window dockable (which, after a year and a half, works, but still not quite perfectly), it would seem coding a video pop-out feature would be quite fraught. It took Opera over two years with over 100 coders to make their feature.

    Then there is the fact that Vivaldi, with its tiny coding team, has some huge projects (like sync and email) underway, there's not presently any manpower to devote to specialty features like video popout.

    Then there is the fact that just getting media to work most of the time for most cases on all platforms is also a knotty problem, due to the fact that Vivaldi does not have millions of dollars to dump into codec licensing. So first, media must work before popouts for it can be considered.

    So my guess would be "not soon." I could be wrong. I've been wrong about things before. But I don't see it as a trivial task, nor one that is currently high-priority.

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    I would be pleasantly surprised if they could get ordinary popup windows to work properly first.

    If you want to watch videos while working, add a YouTube Panel or a Vimeo Panel.

    Here is a Vimeo Play List for my own videos. Add it as a web panel to see how it works, and consider whether this method can work for you.

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    @Pesala No doubt.

  • Well I've decided to use SMPlayer as it has a proper Always On on top of screen option unlike VLC. Just rip the stream link using a video downloader and then use this url in the url/streaming option of both media players. Going this route also lowers resource use. I forget to mention that we also see popup video on UCBrowser but Maxthon was always the pioneer of this idea.


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