Why upload limit of 20 photos per day?

  • [code]Sorry, you have reached the total daily photo upload limit of 20 photos per day.[/code] :ohmy:

  • Yeah we should change that limit :-)
    Will poke the guys

  • Okay.

  • Btw the file limit 2mb. Any chance to increase, from phone to upload a bit problematic

  • More to the point, why a limit of 20 albums? I'm nowhere near the capacity limit, and have 33 more My Opera albums to put somewhere :(

  • noisyandy, point noted.

    Has the upload limit been increased since this thread was started?

  • I have been uploading a lot more than 20 in one go 20 times in one day till it said I hit the limit :pinch:

  • Album limit is now 60. Let us know if you run into any more snags.

  • Thank you debbie, it could be a lot higher, uploaded photo files are small out of necessity to keep bandwidth down, some of mine are around 450kb. :)

  • I'll reopen the case again on Monday and discuss this with the guys. Thanks for your feedback.

  • I'm trying to get more My Opera users like myself on here (and make it a more vibrant community) but many of them also have lots of albums, and blog posts, to move. There is only 6 weeks till My Opera closes and some content has to be copied and pasted while it's still active, and restrictions just put people off. It should be OK as long as users can remain within overall storage limits.

  • yeah, my camera phone takes huge resolution shots, have to see how to decrease that to make the 20mb. I have an HTC EVO 4G, a couple years old now. Dug out the manual, see what I can find out. But over 3000x2000+ pixels a shot IS a bit silly for an amatuer like me.

  • hi, I am ICU109 and also for past year and a half since I filled album limit on my ICU109 opera photo albu m section, been on since 09, had to start a new one which is my.opera.com/flapper1 although I was allowed to keep ICU109 active. I am putting all my family photos onto my G+ profile, and I have for a year and a half been using www.pictify.com/user/icu109 for my composites, like the layout. Not sure what I am going to do with this… I found my albums thumb folders had lots more in them than displayed full size in the zips. SO, watch carefully. I have backups of each composite I have done, filed each in a folder with the .psd file plus all elements used and all that months' work are thus organized in say, 2013 March Composites so I have everything, really backed up on an SSD and my HD as well. What a mess. MY issue is the loss of the world to me. Where you gonna find friends in near 100 countries? We were bringing the world together now it's gone. I'm homebound and it was my window.

  • Just a suggestion: have you tried Irfan View? With it you can batch process photos, including reducing file size but keeping the resolution the same. I too have been on My Opera for years and have been uploading photos a folder at a time, that seems to circumvent the 20 photo limit. BTW, unless you set photos to full resolution, My Opera reduced the size anyway, so my photos from the zip are only around 350kb anyway.

  • Now, that Irfan View got mentioned:
    My personal workhorse for graphics viewing, batch processing and conversions is XNView. Both programs are about in the same league but I prefer XNView because it can open some really esoteric image formats, which helped me at a time or two.

    About uploading photos:
    Most of the time the original full size is not needed at all because the images will be viewed only on a monitor. For uploading photos I focus images image a bit more (similar to sharpen but without those ugly wrong colored edges) set the size to a maximum width and height while keeping the aspect ratio and recompress them with Lanczos (most of the time better than Hanning, bi-cubic et al - but it depends on the content, so some experimenting has to be done). Playing around with the DCT method or the compression (e.g. 4:2:2) and setting the smoothening factor to about 2 helps a lot to keep the byte-size in check without loosing too much in details.

  • I haven't heard of XNview, I might give it a try :)
    I wanted to make a composite picture and used Irfan View. It can make panoramas vertically as well as horizontally, so I made a grid of photos. I also used it to make the "let there be light" header on my My Opera pages.

    Will XNview handle Nikon NEF files with having to convert them to horribly large TIFF files first? Nikon's own program is well out of my affordability range. :huh:

  • The limits on photos and albums have been changed to:
    max albums: 200
    max filesize: 32mb per photo
    max photos: 5000
    max photo upload per day: 2000

    Hope that helps!

  • XnView is good. I like how it shows the content of text files in the browser, too. When they released the bigger project XnViewMP a while ago I thought the regular version was gone, but it's there now.
    I tend to use FastStone Image Viewer most often, but I don't know why…feels faster I guess? It lists NEF as a supported file type, too.

  • @debbie:

    The limits on photos and albums have been changed to:
    max albums: 200
    max filesize: 32mb per photo
    max photos: 5000
    max photo upload per day: 2000

    Hope that helps!

    That's better! :silly:

    Thank you! :woohoo:

  • A lot of these image viewers only do basic adjustments to RAW files like colour balance. If you have a handful of otherwise good photos ruined by something like an unnoticed overhead wire or sun reflections something like Photoshop is far too costly to edit them out.

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