autocomplete overrides what I type / delete in address bar

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to go to the site The address bar autocompletes some subdirectory that I have bookmarked (I'm used to this from Chrome though I don't find it user friendly). I delete the trailing folders / directories so just the address I want is left in the address bar ( but when I press Enter, it loads the autocompleted address rather than what was in the address bar when I pressed Enter.

  • Are you sure the trailing part is actually deleted when you press [Del]? The behavior I'm seeing - on both Windows and Linux - is that when I highlight the trailing part of an address and press [Del] just once, nothing is deleted. I have to press [Del] a second time to get it to actually delete stuff from the address bar and leave me with just the first part. It's been driving me up the wall from the very beginning, from version 0.9 or 1.x or whatever it was called.


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