Any way to configure keyboard shortcuts not listed in the settings?

  • I'm wondering if there is a way (either by a setting I'm missing, an extension, or even directly editing the css/js) to configure the keyboard shortcuts that aren't configurable using the settings. If you go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts, it doesn't list them all (or maybe I'm overlooking it somehow). In particular, I'm wanting to reconfigure CTRL+Z (in Windows, probably something else on other platforms) so it doesn't "reopen closed tab." I sometimes press that when I think I'm in an edit dialog to undo some text entry and it reopens the tab, which to me is annoying. There are other shortcuts too I'd like to change, but that one bugs me the most.


  • @thx1200 Reopen closed tab can be configured in settings though. It's under tab. And css can't set keyboard shortcuts, it can only make the settings page look nice 😉

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    @thx1200 You can find assigned shortcuts using the search field on the Settings dialogue.

    0_1500742099416_Find Shortcut.png

  • @Pesala Thank you for the tip!! I didn't know it did that. Very very cool.


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