Issue with video/audio/GIFs

  • Seems I have issues like other guys.

    Mostly I've faced these issues on, but maybe on some other sites they exist too. I've never faced this issue on youtube and

    Videos & GIFs: after playing starts it just suddenly stops, usually after some seconds. For GIFs click for stop and click for playing again from the start helps (or not, so repeat it again). Videos after stop don't play at all, even after page reloading.

    Audio: in some cases new audio doesn't play after play button click. It loads, but doesn't play until you rewind it.

    Reasons, why I write it here: not sure, but maybe have seen such issues on some other sites; seems Vivaldi has many similar issues with multimedia; I've never met these issues in Chrome; I had never met it in Vivaldi till some moment. Can't say exactly, but this issue has been occured for about three-five last months.

    my OS is Win 7 Professional

  • @DmitryKa said in Issue with video/audio/GIFs:

    Just checked site and it is working correctly here.
    What is your operating system that you are using and which version?

  • @noyasystem thanks, added OS verison into the first post.
    I meant these sites (youtube and works for me, but not vk. Just met here other topics where people complain Vivaldi doesn't work e.g. with youtube.

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    Look like unfixed Windows 7-only Vivaldi media bugs.

    Can you install a test version of 1.11 Snapshot with Standalone Install (see in Installer → Advanced)?

  • edit
    Didn't know yandex radio was geolocked. Pretty normal won't work, then :3

  • @Hadden89 here == where?
    Just for any case should note: yandex radio works only in Russia. Sorry, was bad example from my side.
    (actually, regardless adblock enabled it works, but with errors in console and notices)

  • @Gwen-Dragon trying this... tried reinstalling test snapshot, also 1.8.770.56 and 1.10.867.48 (every multiple times). In couple with removing Vivaldi folder from depths of user directory. After some reinstall GIFs got worked, after another broke again, other hadn't been checked.

    Now GIFs look working* as well as video. Audio still is broken

    *but now in some GIFs I have artifacts: it leaves stripes of the first GIF frame on both sides. But they don't stop at least. Chrome works like a charm.

    Now I'm using test snapshot, but I have the same in 1.10.867.48.x64


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