Opening a previous page in a new tab removes the page's history

  • As the title says, opening a previous page in a new tab (by, for example, middle mouse clicking the "previous page" button) opens the previous page, but without any history. This is especially annoying when i want to browse a store and I open the previous page as a new tab to browse around more, only to find that i can't go back to any pages before it.

    Could this be added as a feature to the next release?

  • Well, if you reopen a previously closed page it will always reopen in a new tab. And for me, on latest snapshot (and osx to be fair), the history if the tab is restored as well. If this really happens to you, it's a bug which you should report. Test with a clean profile first, to make sure the issue isn't caused by your setup.

  • Moderator

    @luetage Opening a new tab from a page in the current tab's history is not reopening a closed tab. It is starting a new tab at the selected URL.

    @ramstaandy Try cloning the current tab from the Tab context menu, then navigate to the desired page in the history.

  • @Pesala I'll do that. Thanks!


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