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    I just noticed that it isn't possible anymore to view the details of the SSL certificate with which a page is signed. At least I didn't find out how to view the certificate and this is bad, because this certainly should be a "one click" thing.
    If I click on the gree lock thingy I just get some settings but not the relevant information.

    IMHO it's quite a serious maldevelopment if such a basic thing like seeing the certificate information isn't possible anymore. Every browser I know had this feature for ages... whats going on?

  • Hi, please add your Vivaldi version and your system specs.
    Iirc it is a regression but you can use Developer Tools (F12) > Security > View Certificate. It is a bit roundabout but possible.

    Cheers, mib

  • it has been moved some releases ago by chromium devs, now you can either

    • f12 for dev tools, security tab
    • vivaldi://flags/#show-cert-link and enable it (in latest 1.11 snapshots) to have a link in the site info

  • Hey, iAN was faster. 🙂

  • Hi

    I'm running Vivaldi 1.10.867.48 on a Kubuntu 14.04 machine.

    The way with developer tools etc. seems quite inconvenient and the setting "show-cert-link" doesn't seem to be available in my version. But maybe it's added in some future version?

    Does anybody know what the Chromium guys where thinking when making this change? I mean it seems rather obvious to me that this change somehow reduces the whole SSL thing to absurdity. At least partially.
    (On some pages I dont' even see to who the certificate was issued in the green bar...)

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    @b00nish the flag exists in current 1.11 Snapshot and will come in a Stable.

    The chromium guys saw that removing information from teh SSL badge was bad so they added the flag for Chromium/60 builds to add a link in badge to cert information.

  • @b00nish said in see certificate information:

    But maybe it's added in some future version?

    it's exactly why I specified "in latest 1.11 snapshots"


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