1Password extension no longer works

  • As of today's update the 1Password extension no longer works. They suggest that it has something to do with code-signing. If you can't fix this, I will have no choice by to revert to Chrome (argh...). Please tell that this is something that can and will be fixed.

    Thank you

  • I came across this issue as well in the last few days. Initially, I wasn't overly concerned with fixing it myself, hacking through the solution 1Password suggested for transitioning to 1Pv6. While it remains a workaround, their solution was straightforward enough to implement. Would be great to have this fixed by Vivaldi, but I would note it is probably worth a shot at hacking it yourself in the meantime.
    If there are, however, privacy or security issues associated with the code-signing solution suggested by 1P, please do correct me or let me know!

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