[HELP] uBlock Origin not working correctly for me - Windows

  • Pretty much title.

    uBlock Origin refuses to work correctly and I'll explain why:

    • I can't access the settings page when being in a private window.

    • Count of blocked items is not shown / doesnt update in the popout menu in a private window (does show in the icon though)

    • Deleting profile and starting the browser again doens't solve the problem

    • Reinstalling the browser or installing a dev version of the browser doesnt solve this problem.

    • When having both a private and a non-private window open, the setttings will always open in non-private window, even when clicked on from private.

    • Additional info:

      • Versions tried: 1.10 (x64/x86) and 1.11 dev (x64/x86)
      • Windows 10 x64
      • list item No anti-virus that would interfere with the browser
      • Google Chrome doesn't have this issue (just checked it)

    Having these kinds of issues with my most used extension prevents me from switching to Vivaldi as the default web browser. I'm at the point of running out of possible solutions to this issue I'm having.

    Could someone lend me a bit of help to try tackle this problem?

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    Unfortunate, a already fixed bug reappeared after Vivaldi 1.11.901.3.

  • Does that mean it will be fixed for the next version?

    Edit: Can I take a educated guess that this is the same problem as VB-28010?

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    @TheDDGo Correct guess, it is reopened bug VB-28010.

  • Was this ever really fixed or reported correctly? I've experienced it since version 1.0

    In this thread from a year ago https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/9075/latest-update-broke-extension-buttons-in-incognito-mode there's a bug report labeled: "No options available via extension button in Private Window VB-18312"

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    @unandpw The issue with Private window and uBlockO was fixed beginning of July but reappeared 2 weeks after in newer versions of Vivaldi.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I just checked an older version from the beginning of July and same things still seem to happen for me. As far as I know uBlock Origin has never worked the way it should since the days of Technical Previews for me. I would agree with unandpw on this to be honest, considering the fact I have two different computers where this issue (still) occurs on.

  • The problems you're having only occur in private window, right? Because for me uB0 always works.

  • @iAN-CooG Yes, but my point still stands. Even though I might not have worded it correctly in my previous post, this extension has been buggy in incognito mode for as long as this browser has existed.

    Edit: to be clear: I use incognito mode because I don't like history being tracked in my browser. The only way to prevent this from happening (in Vivaldi, but also any other Chromium based web browser) is using incognito mode. Firefox has solved this by giving you an option to not track at all, eliminating the need for a private window.

  • Your history is already being tracked by your ISP. Having history on your hard drive should be the least of your concerns, especially if you can delete it with a shortcut.

  • @luetage Which is beside the point here. I wasn't talking about my ISP... I was talking about my browser. I dont like my address bar being filled up with all the websites and URL's I have ever visited. I just like it clean: only bookmarks and nothing else.

  • @theddgo Try to use uBlock Origin . It's still beta, you should install it manually, but works for me in incognito of Vivaldi.


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