Extensions icon text unreadable

  • Hello,

    In Vivaldi some extensions icon texts are hard to read.
    For example Twitch Now (unreadable) and uBlock (displays correctly)



    and Opera:

    I think the best would be to make these texts consistent and update according to the chosen theme :)

  • Vivaldi shows them consistently in the upper right corner of the icon. The problem is that the background of the counter? (forgot the name) is somehow set to transparent. You can change this by editing the extension directly.

  • @luetage Yes, the background is the problem. I know that the extension can be edited but it is only temporary solution.
    As you can see other chromium based browsers handle this issue so maybe Vivaldi can implement it too (same background color for all texts in extension icons).

  • Well, no one who can do something about it will read it here. File a bugreport or do a feature request.

    But if you want this handled in the foreseeable future I would edit the extension too.

  • I wrote a fix for the extension.
    Developer already accepted my pull request. It should be released to Chrome Web Store soon :)
    Problem solved

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