FtDNA web site issues

  • Good morning. I have been using Vivaldi for some time, and it works almost perfectly for all sites.

    Today is the first time I have used the send email button on - https://www.familytreedna.com

    If I hover over it I can see the email address at the bottom of the page, but clicking on it does nothing. I switched over to Firefox, and can confirm it is working as expected in that browser, so it is NOT a FtDNA issue. I use gmail, and the 'expected' behaviour (as experienced on Firefox, is that a pop up appears asking my what mail system I want to use.

    This site is essential to me, and at the moment I am working with 2 browsers open. One for viewing the site, and one to send the emails. This is a moderately popular site, so I am sure I am NOT the only Vivaldi user who visits.

    You may difficulty testing as this options only appears for registered users who have completed certain steps. I would be happy to assist by allowing remote access to my PC if needed



  • @elricks
    As you already guessed - the problem is that you'll need to be registered - (which I am not and probably won't), so I can't test this for sure but if this site uses mailto: than this is an already known problem which will probably solved when the integrated mail client for vivaldi is ready (only my personal guess as there is no eta for this). The downside of this is that it still might take a bit of time until this project is completed.

    In other notes:

    @elricks said in FtDNA web site issues:

    happy to assist by allowing remote access to my PC if needed

    This is a lot of trust you offer there - I mean I like the vivaldi community a lot especially for the fact that 99% around here are pretty nice and helpful people but this still is the internet!
    You should be picky whom you grant access to your computer - but that might be just my paranoia speaking.

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    @elricks Perhaps you can ask the webmaster of the FtDna site first and tell us what they say and report as a bug to Vivaldi at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/.

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