Came for the browser, balked at the site

  • Must permit requests to Cloudflare, and must enable JS for here and Cloudflare just to get a useful page to load here? Doesn't inspire much confidence in the browser when the site's coded in such an unfriendly manner. If you intend a condescending reply about modern technology, don't waste your time. HTML is the standard for HTTP, not JS, Java, Flash, Silverlight, or any other add-on garbage which should only be for adding features to a base, operational site. Yes, I created an account just to post this.

  • I know this topic is old, but I would recommend looking into what Cloudflare is. I'm not really a fan of services like Cloudflare, but they're one of the better protections against attacks and abuse targeted at websites right now. Sort of a "necessary evil", if you will.

    As for JavaScript, sites like this generally rely heavily on it these days. I won't pretend that the Vivaldi community site is great (you can probably tell I spend little to no time here), but you can't really use the Internet without expecting at least some JavaScript. This quick-reply field that I'm typing in, for instance, was created by a JavaScript when I clicked on a button. It's a convenience feature, and it keeps the page cleaner by hiding elements that don't need to be there all the time. It has nothing to do with "modern technology" (HTML has been around for roughly 22 years, ECMA Script/JavaScript has been around for roughly 18 years), and can actually be quite useful and make websites more user-friendly if implemented properly.

    As for Java and Flash, they're huge security vulnerabilities.

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