Vivaldi keeps deleting my sessions randomly. I'm quitting this browser.

  • I'm sad to say that I will be quitting this browser and switching to Firefox. I liked Vivaldi, its design and speed were awesome, but it's full of bugs that seem to get more and more random with each new update. As of recent, it randomly deletes my sessions despite having it set to remember my last session. It remembers it for a few times, then if I close the browser and start it again three times in a row, it deletes my saved session. I lost a lot of research work because of this. I can't seem to find any way to restore the sessions. The support for this browser is not providing me the help I need. It was nice knowing you guys. Good luck with your project from now on. I will no longer be a user of Vivaldi until it becomes a product stable enough as to not delete sessions at random times without any reason.

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    Good bye and thanks for the fish. :42:

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    I use a portable Vivaldi (USB) for research, and I've used that restore session option for a whole school year, and never lost my work.

    On top of that, I usually save my session from the File menu, and have successfully restored from that neat little Saved Sessions menu on every occasion. I don't remember there being such a functionality in Firefox...

    Are you sure backing up data + reinstalling/resetting or similar wouldn't solve the problem?

  • If there are vivaldi.exe processes stuck in memory, relaunching vivaldi will create a new window with no tabs open, giving the impression you've lost the session. Killing all vivaldi.exe processes and relaunching will bring last session up, and at worst the last session will be 1st entry in the trashcan.
    But it's easier to whine on forums than actually learning to use a program.


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