Pinning the Initial Page Tab as Default

  • I would like to open Vivaldi with the Initial Page pinned by default. Is it possible?

  • Moderator

    @jaap You need to explain better. What do you mean by "Initial Page?" Do you mean Start Page/Speed Dial? Why do you want it pinned?

    Certainly you can use the setting to start up with Start Page, but if you do, it will not be pinned. If you want to preserve pinned pages between one session and the next, you must us the setting "Startup With Last Session." Otherwise, all pinned tabs will be lost. (In future, it may be possible to preserve pinned tabs no matter HOW you start, but not at present.)

    But certainly, you can start with the Start Page every time - if that is the only page you want on startup - but it won't be pinned. As soon as you start, you may pin it if that's what you want for the session. But it won't be pinned next time you start. On the other hand, you can set "Startup With Last Session," open and pin the Start Page, and then at the end of each session, right-click on it, select "Close Other Tabs" and then all the other tabs will close, and next time you open, there will be your pinned Start Page tab.


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