The Internet of You (Our Friends)

  • Friends!

    The Internet of Things and the Internet of You are remarkable trends and opportunities that will bring customized products of all kinds to the connected world. At Vivaldi, we strive to build powerfully unique web experiences for our community. Since our inception, we have strongly believed that our collective lives online should be secure, unique, and above all else empowering. Our team has chosen to embark on a mission to increase collaborative outreach with our users in order to build the internet as we all want to experience it. This decision is not just about having a dialogue with our community, but about learning how we can create an experience that empowers our collective lives online.

    While we don’t know how this process will ultimately unfold in the months to come, we will begin by reaching out individually to community members for a preliminary interview and/or survey. As our process develops, we will both lower the threshold to increase participation, and provide ways for engaged community heroes to have their efforts recognized. We know the world’s best browser has yet to be created, and we know we need you along for the build.

    Vivaldi built a browser for our friends, because we believe this internet is yours. If you wish to reach out to contribute, the opportunity will be provided soon.

    We can’t wait to rock with you,
    Kyle the New Guy
    Vivaldi Team
    [ See my introduction post here ]

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