Hi There Vivaldi Community!

  • I am from Hungary and i have been an Opera enthusiast from more than a decade :D
    But Since Vivaldi came, i have been curious and when i saw that Vivaldi now has more possibilites and faster than Opera, it's been a real honor Opera but goodbye. I transfered my settings and now i only use Vivaldi. And i LOVE IT! So thank you. Sincerely an Opera fan but now Vivaldi fan :) Keep up the splendid Job!!
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  • Thank you for supporting Vivaldi! I haven't used Opera in almost a year, so it's nice to hear that at this moment Vivaldi is faster than it, and that's not hard to imagine. The developers have done an amazing job, and I've seen Vivaldi improve more and more over time.

  • I think everyone should switch over to Vivaldi, it's just the better browser.
    That being said, I don't think Vivaldi is "faster" at all. Do you have some data to back up this claim?

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