Problem with the OS hanging when using Vivaldi

  • So I'm still trying to narrow this down, and I don't know if this is a bug in Vivaldi, Plex, or Visual Studio Code, but here is what I'm seeing:

    Sometimes Visual Studio Code will hang and become unresponsive for a few seconds when it gets focus. I've used Visual Studio Code for a long time now, and it has never done this before, but recently I switched from Chrome to Vivaldi, and the only time I've witnessed this bug is when I am also playing music via the Plex web app via the Vivaldi browser.

    If I move Plex to be running in a Chrome tab instead, the problem does not manifest. If I do not use Plex at all, the problem does not manifest.

    I did try disabling my VS Code extensions, and that did not appear to make a difference.

    A frustrating part of reproducing this problem is that it doesn't happen right away. You have to have Plex streaming in Vivaldi for a while before the problem begins to manifest. This makes it harder to isolate, so suspecting Vivaldi could be a mistake on my part. I tried it just now, and it took a couple of minutes before it manifested. An interesting side note is that I'm typing this in Chrome, and this window was also unresponsive immediately after the bug manifested, so maybe it isn't just Visual Studio Code, but any Chromium-based app?

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    I'm running Windows 10 Pro on a Razer Blade 14" (2017) laptop. When the spike occurs, I've got plenty of free RAM, and there is no obvious CPU spike, and I'm plugged into the wall with a mostly full battery.

    [ADDITIONAL INFO] I'm running Vivaldi "1.10.867.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit)", and I have no 3rd party security software (so just Windows Defender).

  • @Brakels Still haven't figured this out, but it started happening more frequently, even when not using Plex at all, so I think Plex was a red herring. It also affects Slack with it happens. There's a good chance this has nothing to with Vivaldi, especially if I'm the only one seeing it.

  • You could try such sites with a chrome user agent and see if the hangs occur. Not really sure it's a browser bug, but it worth trying :3
    You could consider even a scan with Malwarebytes or Zemana, just to be sure it's not related to infections (they won't interfere with defender, are standalone security tools which is useful to have)

  • This is still unresolved. I have noticed it with Chrome (with no vivaldi running at all), so I suspect it is not Vivaldi's fault.

    @Hadden89 As far as I know, it isn't hanging on net requests, it is hanging the UI thread. Keyboard presses and mouse clicks are ignored in the app until the "hang" ends. Generally the input is cached during the hang, so when it ends they happen all at once.

    Additional observations: I have seen this happen without the Plex web app running at all, but it happens less frequently. There is a stand alone Plex app for Windows that also causes this problem.

    Generally I'm running a bunch of chromium apps during the day (Slack, GitKraken, VS Code, Postman, Chrome, and probably the standalone Plex app), so chromium is my primary suspect, but I really don't know. I've only ever seen the "hang" manifest in chromium/electron apps. Once I get one hang, then each alt-tab to a chromium app is likely to also hang.

    I do think it was just coincidence that I started noticing this problem when I first started using Vivaldi, so this probably isn't the right forum.

    Because this is my work computer, I've switched to Firefox as my primary browser, which has helped reduce the chance of this happening. When it does happen, the easiest way to make it stop is to reboot.

    I don't think it matters, but hyperthreading is turned off on this machine (so just the 4 physical cores).

    I'll try to remember to run a RAM test on it this weekend, in case it is something crazy like that.


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