PayPal links in foreign language

  • A few times now while using Vivaldi I have tried to use Paypal to purchase something online at websites where I have had no previous trouble. Normally, the website provides a button to click which transfers the order details to PayPal and gives me a PayPal login page.

    When using Vivaldi the PayPal login page appears in an Asian language (cannot identify which one, possibly Japanese) which makes it unusable. I have to switch to Chrome for the purchasing process to give me the PayPal login page in English.

    The physical location of the merchant websites is USA, UK or Germany and my location is Australia. My browser language is set to English. The problem only occurs with Vivaldi.

    I am using Vivaldi 1.10.867.48.

  • Try to look here if you have asian language listed chrome://settings/languages (copy in urlbar+enter)
    or this

  • Moderator

    @bonsais Another possibility is that the geolocation service may be way off and causing some confusion. What happens if you temporarily disable location services?



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