Developer Tools can be docked, opened windows, Settings window can be accessed through Window menu

  • I have some feedbacks. [ol] [li]I'm a developer and I use Developer Tools regularly. What I need (and I guess the other developers also need) is that the Developer Tools can be floating, docked vertically and horizontally just like I have in Safari and in Chrome[/li] [li]When I open more than one browser window (as well as the Settings window), I can switch back and forth between the windows by choosing from the Window menu[/li] [li]For the Settings window, if I open it and then switch focus to the browser then later I need to open the Settings window again, I cannot. The only one way to access the Settings window in this case is to hit the Mission Control button and select the Settings window. What I suggest for the Settings window when it's opened is: [ol] [li]Can be accessed through Window menu[/li] [li]Hit the Cmd+, shortcut or click on Tools/Settings will bring the Settings window into front[/li] [/ol] [/li] [/ol]


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