Modding Vivaldi Legal Ramifications

  • Hello,

    I am looking for the legal language that details which Vivaldi code is not open source and whether the custom CSS and JS mods in the Vivaldi community are allowed. It looks like CSS is typically released under the open source license, but it sounds like the javascript code is not open-source. Is that correct?

    I know that there is a section in the Vivaldi community for modding and creating custom.css and custom.js files, but I need to know whether these modifications violate the browsers EULA, even if the end-result is not being sold.

    I tried emailing the Vivaldi legal team for answers, but that was more than a month ago without a response. Any other information I am missing?

    Thank you.

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    You are allowed to change the CSS and JS files for your needs.
    And you can share your modifications with other Vivaldi users.

    But you are not allowed to repack such changed complete browser in a installer and sell or distribute that as a browser.

  • Why do you need to know this?

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Thank you. That is very helpful. So, we can install Vivaldi using the official installer and then use a script to apply our mods after the fact. That is good to know.

    Are we allowed to replace or delete image files from the \Vivaldi\Application[Vivaldi version]\resources\vivaldi\resource directory? If not, that is fine, just want to make certain.

    Last question, many browsers create a new browser session when launching the executable a second time rather than revealing an existing browser session if it is hidden behind other windows or on my other screen. Is it legally permissible to use a custom automation script executable to launch Vivaldi.exe? This custom executable first checks whether an existing vivaldi process is running and if so terminates that process before starting a new instance of Vivaldi.

    @luetage I just want to make certain I have all my legal bases covered.

    Vivaldi is the best web browser I know. I have been telling family and friends about it liberally. 🙂 The mods are the best part and the many settings/preferences options are amazing as well! 😀

  • @sethjbr In general I'd say you can do to your copy of vivaldi whatever you want if you don't break any laws or as gwen already said start to repack the browser and distribute it to others.

    Btw regarding your modification wishes - you might want to take a look in the modification section of this forum -get some inspiration or exchange code ; )

    EDIT: I just saw on your profile that you already found that part of the forum ^^ - sorry

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    @sethjbr You can change/delete files for your need.

    And use a startscript as you like. On Linux f.ex. the program vivaldi is a bash script starting the compiled binary vivaldi-bin.


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