Scrolling and smearing text, especially with redshift

  • Hi all.

    Maybe it's not really Vivaldi related, it also happens on Chromium, but anyway.

    I have the strange effect, also occuring in Chromium, that the fonts smear when I scroll, especially when I switch on redshift.

    Redshift changes the color-temperature of your display, turning it more into red and a bit darker, so it doesn't make your eyes tired.

    If I switch it on and have a page with a lot of text on a white background (like any reddit/r/vivaldibrowser thread), the fonts smear a lot when I scroll. There is like a blue halo the text-lines that stayes on the page for some microseconds, before the scrolling ends.

    I guess it is nothing new but how you call it?

    If you have the same issue, do you know how to avoid it? Is it the screen? The compositor? The webbrowser?


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