Can't Stream Hulu / Pandora (Working with Snapshot 1.11.904.3)

  • Beginning in Stable 10, I have been unable to use either streaming media service. With Pandora, service is inconsistent; I can sometimes make it one or two songs before the page effectively locks, and sometimes I can't even play a single song. The page loads and simply stops. With Hulu, the issue occurs during the ads. Similar to Pandora, I can view somewhere between 0-2 commercials before it "freezes", but in Hulu's case, I'll often get a message regarding ad blockers.

    Short of testing with a different computer, I can state the issue lies with Vivaldi 10. It's not DNS; the issue remains using OpenDNS, public ( /, and my ISP. It's not extensions or ad-blockers, as I tested both with and without. It's not antivirus, as I'm not running any. If/when I downgrade to Vivaldi v1.9.818.50, or use a different browser such as Firefox, both sites work correctly. All v10 Vivaldi, including the latest stable v1.10.867.48 behave the same.

    Windows 7 x64
    AMD "Trinity" series APU
    A85X Hudson D4 Chipset

  • try latest 1.11 snapshots, lots of media problems in win7 are fixed from 1.11.901.3.
    current is 1.11.904.3

  • I had tried a snapshot and the behavior was the same, but that was a few weeks ago. The latest snapshot 1.11.904.3 does indeed resolve the issue and I am now able to stream both sites reliably. I hadn't been able to find anything via Google prior to posting; hopefully this helps anyone else having the same issue.

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