Can't Stream Hulu / Pandora (Working with Snapshot 1.11.904.3)

  • Beginning in Stable 10, I have been unable to use either streaming media service. With Pandora, service is inconsistent; I can sometimes make it one or two songs before the page effectively locks, and sometimes I can't even play a single song. The page loads and simply stops. With Hulu, the issue occurs during the ads. Similar to Pandora, I can view somewhere between 0-2 commercials before it "freezes", but in Hulu's case, I'll often get a message regarding ad blockers.

    Short of testing with a different computer, I can state the issue lies with Vivaldi 10. It's not DNS; the issue remains using OpenDNS, public ( /, and my ISP. It's not extensions or ad-blockers, as I tested both with and without. It's not antivirus, as I'm not running any. If/when I downgrade to Vivaldi v1.9.818.50, or use a different browser such as Firefox, both sites work correctly. All v10 Vivaldi, including the latest stable v1.10.867.48 behave the same.

    Windows 7 x64
    AMD "Trinity" series APU
    A85X Hudson D4 Chipset

  • try latest 1.11 snapshots, lots of media problems in win7 are fixed from 1.11.901.3.
    current is 1.11.904.3

  • I had tried a snapshot and the behavior was the same, but that was a few weeks ago. The latest snapshot 1.11.904.3 does indeed resolve the issue and I am now able to stream both sites reliably. I hadn't been able to find anything via Google prior to posting; hopefully this helps anyone else having the same issue.

  • Nothing with my hulu is working, I cant watch it online or even on my smart tv! we love it but at times it makes us mad and my wife is really upset with it because there is shows that we like to watch that is not on Netflix. With hulu we were in the middle of watching something when all of a sudden it goes out in the middle of the show!


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