One Hundred Thousand

  • Wonderful. I would also like to congratulate the community, the developers, the entire team, and all those who use Vivaldi without which such a great usable browser could never have emerged.

  • @pesala said:

    @Ayespy The number means nothing.

    It means exactly that there are 100'000 members subscribed (active or otherwise), no more no less, and humans in general tend to like round multiples of 10, since we use decimal counting system and all. If nothing else it makes the team and community feel better.

    @pesala said:

    @Ayespy I suspect it is possible to provide a more meaningful figure for the number of Active Members who logged in to the community within the last six months.

    It totally is, I'm sure the number of browser users is a few orders of magnitude higher, and the actual active members a lot lower; but that's not what we are celebrating today.

    We could have celebrated the 10'000 active mark, or the one millionth browser user, or any other 'meaningless' number, but today we are celebrating this specific meaningless number.

    So just enjoy it and don't over analyze.

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    @Pesala According to fairly voluminous research of marketing, software products and online communities, the numbers mean "something" rather than "nothing," though statstical interpretation without granular data, is fraught.

    Anecdotally, however, let's look at one user case. I began to use Opera in 2001 with Ver. 5. I used it daily, but used other browsers on occasion as well, notably Netscape. In 2002, I PAID for my first Opera (6.0) license, and later I paid for Ver. 7 as well. It was my default browser, clearly, or I would not be paying for licenses. If I recall, it went totally free in Ver. 8. As nearly as I can tell, I first joined the Opera community, and made my first comments/queries in 2003. I did not become a regular contributor before 2007. Then I read and commented pretty much daily until Opera lost my support shortly after the advent of Vivaldi. My inclusion as a "member" when I made my first comment to the Opera forums certainly meant "nothing," as I had been a dedicated Opera user and even an evangelist well before that. Then once I was a member, I made two comments/queries and went about four years before making another. All that time I was not only using Opera, but pushing it.

    So in one way, you are right. The membership numbers mean "nothing." They probably fall far short of reflecting our active usership.

    Edit: And glancing at today's comments, I see a commenter who has been a user for two years, joined the community four days ago, and made their first comment today.

  • Fein !
    Greetings full of sun from Hannover, Germany !

  • Kewl! Congratulations to all people involved. I can see clearly now the old days of Opera coming back...

  • We actually reached 100k almost a week ago ^^

  • Nice!

  • Guys, you're the best. You have done a great job, just know that there is one more user somewhere who loves you, your work and, of course, your:

    The Browser
    ~for Our Friends

    You're awesome. Not only those who develops Vivaldi - with user in mind! - but also PR guys. When I saw the post about synchronization coding translation ("wanna synchro, eh? watch how we create magic!"), I had just YAHOOed to all the house. It was just mega win, brilliant idea.

  • Congrats to all fanbase! And a special congrats to Vivaldi Team

  • Wow! Congratulations! :)

  • Outstanding!...Congrats to the community and the Vivaldi team great job!

  • Excellent news! (And yes, I have read almost all the earlier comments!)

  • Congratulations! I would also love to know how much active users the browser currently has? Could you release new information on that? (I know that you once said 1 mio. active users but that is now quite a while ago)

  • Congrats, Vivaldi and keep pushing forward!

  • Congratulations and wait for the synchronization of tabs and passwords, you make the world's coolest browser, thanks

  • Aces Wild!!!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Here's to 100 mil in a few years!

  • Yaay!

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