One Hundred Thousand

  • Vivaldi Team

    The Vivaldi Community hit a major milestone over the weekend. A massive thank you to all 100,000 members of the Vivaldi Community from around the globe!

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  • Congrats to all! Keep Calm & Spread Vivaldi :D

  • Congratulations to the maker of the finest browser available today! :)

  • Moderator

    Beautiful :heart_eyes: Great Congratulations :wink: :clap_tone2:

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Vivaldi is the way! :trophy:

  • Congrats <3

  • :up:

  • Awesome!

  • Nice - That's quite a bunch of folks being around here ^^

  • That's great! 200k, then 300k, and it'll eventually progress faster as we get to 1 million :)

  • You guys need to extend your marketing on app related sites. The browser is already one of the best, but not enough people know about it.

  • Congratulations!

  • Cool

  • Viva Vivaldi!πŸ‘πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

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    I read this topic with great pleasure. 100,000 members!
    live long and prosper

  • Moderator

    Like most raw statistics provided without any analysis, the number is misleading. Only 16,111 users have posted once or more to the Vivaldi forums.

    What is it actually a measure of? Vivaldi users? Those with a email address? I don't think you can claim that 83,889 signed up members who never posted can be called "members of the Vivaldi Community."

  • Congratulation for successful user community make by vivaldi.I wish vivaldi will no1 browser over the world

  • Congratulations! I am proud to be a part of this community!

  • Moderator

    @Pesala If a person takes the trouble to sign up, they are a "member" irrespective of their level of engagement. If a guy moves in next door and never calls or visits, and you don't see him outside his house, is he a member of your community? Well, if your community is "people who live here," then for certain he is. If your community is "people who participate in the things I do," then the members of your community might live quite distant from you - and might be a good deal smaller than the number of folks who live in your town.

    But I'm pretty sure no one ever signed up in the Vivaldi community without first downloading the software and, given that it is common in internet communities that only 1% of members will make original contributions, only 9% will actively engage with that content, and the additional 90% will only lurk, then a 16% engagement level is actually quite good. Lurkers, who seek to observe and learn, but hesitate to comment, are welcome here.

    It is also a maxim that only 1% of users of a given software product will ever join a community for that product, which would indicate Vivaldi may have broken the "million user" barrier, which is also a good thing.

    If everyone who used the browser on a daily basis also posted here, it would be literally impossible to manage the community. So I take some satisfaction from our numbers.

    Doing a review, it appears we passed the 1M active user mark about 7 months ago. That would mean that our "makes a profile to join the community" percentage is better than 5% - five times the global historic average. So if our engagement level is 16% and our sign-up level is 5% or better, then our regular usership is better than 1.25 million. Still pleased.

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    @Ayespy The number 100,000 means nothing. No one knows from that number how many of the registered users lurk here, or still use Vivaldi. I suspect it is possible to provide a more meaningful figure for the number of Active Members who logged in to the community within the last six months.

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