Will Vivaldi get more visually integrated with Windows 7?

  • Will Vivaldi's UI get better integration with Windows 7 in the future? At this point it looks like a mixture of 8 and 10 and with the lack of borders, two Vivaldi windows are overlapping each other to the point where you can't tell where the first one ends and the second one begins.

    I'm curious will we be able to apply textures to the window frame in the future or something that will allow us to make Vivaldi blend in better with our current OS.


    On a side note, I'm not sure whether Vivaldi uses .css files to store it's visual settings in, but I've noticed that some of those Windows junk cleaners clean those configuration files and cause Vivaldi to reset to its default appearance. And this is when the cleaner is set to clean the exact same aspects as Chrome and Firefox.

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    This setting may activate be what you need?
    Activate native window mode.
    Alt+P → Appearance

  • Thanks, but native window makes Vivaldi look like back in the day when Firefox 4 came out and on Linux the tabs couldn't be in the title bar so the tabs were still on top, but the title bar was separate and it looked really disheartening. (I don't know if it's still an issue, haven't used Linux in a long time)

    Looks like this now, which is 50% of what satisfies me.


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    @TianlanSha But you said, that you want Windows 7 integration.

    What wrong now by system window look-a-like? Please explain, may be i misunderstood your question.

  • @Gwen-Dragon You see, in the image below, Chrome is merging its tabs with the Aero theme from Windows 7 seamlessly, one can almost assume that Chrome is part of Windows 7. Also Explorer, the file manager is integrated iwth the Aero theme, the back/forward buttons are merged with the Aero background, so is the address bar.

    While it's true that if you switch to the Basic or Classic theme in Windows 7, Chrome switches back to its own theme, which kind of looks like the one in Vivaldi.


    And on the other hand, Vivaldi and Pot Player standing out as if they are something foreign. While Pot Player has a theme that uses the Windows shell and integrates perfectly, I don't mind using the default theme as I barely see the UI - I just use it to play video files in full screen. But for Vivaldi, if I'm to use it as my primary everyday browser, looking at this solid theme that stands out, it just bothers me to a point where it becomes distracting and unproductive.


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    I guess a full integration in older OS theming has low priority at this time.

  • @Gwen-Dragon T-T

    I guess I will have to wait for this to happen and and keep updating my snapshots to test changes for now.

  • This is one thing that I'd love to see happen. Firefox and even IE 11 merge tabs, navigation buttons, etc. with the title bar.

  • @unandpw They can because they use a native UI whereas Vivaldi uses a WebUI, meaning: The UI is basically generated the same way as a webpage.

    It needs to be developed only once because HTML CSS and JS work the same everywhere if the underlying parser and interpreter work the same way. This reduces the number of OS specific UI problems massively.
    Never forget that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people working on browsers like Chrom(e|ium), Firefox or IE/Edge, so it is easier to develop different branches or frameworks that cover the specific stuff - and despite that IE 11 or Edge still don't want to start on Linux or MacOS 😉

    It is harder to look and behave exactly like a fully native program on the gazillion different desktop managers out there, but seriously:
    Apart from the transparency effect I miss nothing and that comes only fully to bear if you work in windowed mode - but most of the users I know work in maximized mode most of the time ...

    ... but looking at the bright side: I am working with multiple Vivaldi profiles and each has its own distinctive theme color, so I can easily see which is which - and that is a huge advantage for me.

  • @QuHno That was very informative.

    If its's not entirely possible to get Aero into the picture, then a theming support where textures are being placed should do the trick. Aero has this glassy texture and it can easily be imitated, but as for the transparency and blur, I'm not sure what's possible.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see how things go with theming in the future.


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