Tabbing thru links

  • I'm using Vivaldi (again! - I keep coming back!) in a freshly installed KDE version of Fedora 26. QupZilla is lean and fast, but Vivaldi is much more customizable.

    But controlling tabbing between links on a page is frustrating me a little.

    There's a large site with the center panel/column devoted to stories and the left column devoted to links - hundreds and hundreds of links. Opening a link in a new tab (not to be confused with the tab button) works as intended, and leaves the link highlighted. Using the tab key used to proceed to the next link in that column, but now sends me back to the top of the page, far from where I want the focus to be.

    Have I set something incorrectly or missed a setting here?


  • Okay - I'm not sure why, but the situation seems to have resolved itself. I'm pretty sure I had restarted Vivaldi more than once throughout this, but now it's tabbing through links using the tab key the way I expected.

    For future reference, my relevant keyboard shortcuts are now set to "Focus all controls", "Cycle in component", and "Allow all keyboard shortcuts".

  • @jbuckley2004
    You might want to set


    Additionally you can use spatial navigation:

    • Press the Shift+arrowKeys to go up, down, left and right. (yes, the behavior is sometimes weird)
    • Press Esc to leave that mode

  • @QuHno Thanks. Yes, I suspect I changed (read: "played around with") the Webpage Focus setting too. That could very well have been my mistake.

    Honestly, it took me waaaayyyyy too long to realize that "tab" in the settings was referring to the page tabs and not the tab key on the keyboard. Duh! That didn't help my attempts at customization. 😉


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