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    Since Google seems to have weird plans for it's extensions store maybe the time is right to start to think about a Vivaldi's own extensions store with some more "user oriented" and less "company oriented" polycies, which seems to be the Vivaldi philosophy, and extensions created ad hoc for the browser.

  • A sort of vivaldi hub, like Yandex or Opera store.
    I totally agree with that, it was asked several times, I hope will come.
    Of course, the priority is still polishing browser.

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    Such store like it was at Opera is planned for Vivaldi extensions; no timeline known.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I wonder how much sense this makes.

  • Hmm, what's the Chromes plan for the store? As long as it works I don't really think Vivaldi needs its own store for extensions but MAYBE for some special extensions that would work only in Vivaldi.
    Opera has those Speed Dial and Sidebar extensions. I kinda like the idea of those Speed Dial extensions, some very interesting extensions could be made for it but I don't know how much attention that would get or if anyone would even make that kind of extensions. I think that all of the SD extensions on Operas store are neglected/not updated.

    One thing that would be really cool and useful is making the site for sharing Speed Dial wallpapers/icons and even themes.


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