Loving Vivaldi!

  • Hello everybody!

    Just started using Vivaldi about a week ago (hadn't heard of it before then). Had a problem with one of my go-to sites with Chrome that started suddenly with no changes on my part. Exploder and Firefox worked, but Chrome just wouldn't cooperate. Decided to shake things up by searching for "best browser 2017" and that's where I first saw Vivaldi. Installed it, and within a day it was my default browser.

    The customization is great -- especially the tabs on the side and having my desktop background as the background for Speed Dial. I'll be using the newest snapshots as I don't mind being a tester.

    Anyway, this looks like a good community and I'm glad to be here!

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    @MNMadman Welcome to the Vivaldi community!

  • Welcome to Vivaldi, and Glad you like it so much! You're entering a whole new world by leaving the simplistic browsers like FF and Chrome, and discovering the powerful features Vivaldi has to offer that'll make you think you didn't know you needed it.

    Glad to have you on board!

  • @D0J0P said in Loving Vivaldi!:

    browsers like FF and Chrome

    Eh? Huh? Wot?

    Other browsers? Gasp! You mean, browsers that are not Vivaldi?

    Nope, i just can't conceive of the possibility!! Who would do such a thing? Who in their right mind would use such a thing?

    ๐Ÿฆ‰ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • @Steffie Lol, before Vivaldi came into existence, and before I had the curiosity to try out Opera(it was new Opera at the time), I kept going back and forth between FF and Chrome from 2014-2015. Both browsers were frustrating in that over time, both would slow down and the other would come to the rescue and be fast enough to use as it had been cleaned out, and sometimes even been on a new install.

    So both browsers were annoying. Then I looked at other browsers that could solve that. I came by Opera, which was on version 28-29. Even though that's not Old Opera, Opera turned out to be a better version of Chrome. Faster, lighter, and didn't really have that slow down. Plus, I liked the way things were laid out, it seemed to make sense.

    Then W10 came out, and I tried Edge browser. Never again.

    Then I kept seeing Vivaldi around on the internet for a while. I thought it looked really cool, and that I should try it when it came into Beta. Technical Preview 4 came out, and I didn't feel like waiting, so I just tried it and was hooked! It was like Opera, but better! And it had way more features too. I delved into keyboard shortcuts, tab stacking, note taking, mouse gestures, all features the new Opera didn't have at the time.

    I also tried O12 for a bit too, and it was great. I like all it's features, but I wish I could have tried it back when that was the current version, when the browser engine wasn't extremely outdated, so I could experience it in all it's glory. But I see some features in there that I can't wait to see in Vivaldi.

    So, compared to a lot of people here, I must be kind of new to the power user universe, huh?

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    @D0J0P said in Loving Vivaldi!:

    I see some features in there that I can't wait to see in Vivaldi.

    Opera 12.17 has some amazing features such as Custom Buttons, which can be added to any toolbar to concatenate a string of commands, and keyboard shortcuts can do the same. Opera 12.17 still works well enough on major sites like the BBC and YouTube, and I don't find any issues with it on my own sites.

    After built-in email, better customising of keyboard and toolbars is top of my wish-list. The ability to launch any program from a button or a shortcut is a huge time-saver.

  • Welcome to the community. Vivaldi, despite carrying still some small bugs, normal in a relatively new soft, is no exaggeration to name it as the best browser of 2017.
    Chrome has definitely found his master

    But it has a danger, overheating the mouse by scrolling through the settings and options XD

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    Welcome to the Vivaldi Community. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Catweazle said in Loving Vivaldi!:

    name it as the best browser of 2017

    ...& 2016, & 2015... for me. It became my default browser in Feb 2015. Love it.

  • @Catweazle said in Loving Vivaldi!:

    But it has a danger, overheating the mouse by scrolling through the settings and options XD

    Well, even overheating keyboard, is dangerous :3
    Dangerous, but lovely โค

  • @Pesala Wow, that list looks amazing. Most of the features from O12 that I'm waiting for are things like a vertical list tab cycler, full-page notes panel, sync, the ability to move/edit buttons and the address bar/tab bar(maybe put the tab bar below address bar, and see if I like that), and maybe even some skinning of the browser(If I know how to create some buttons by then, that would be great). Replacing Chromium pages and UI elements like downloads, print, PDF, would all be nice as well.

    I also wouldn't mind trying out mail, because when I tried using the built-in mail client in O12, it never seemed to work for some reason. I have better luck with the separate Opera Mail client.

    History was another thing I wanted, but that's been added a while ago, so the wish-list of O12 features has narrowed a bit.

  • Welcome to the Community.


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