Page problems with overlays since snapshot 1.11.904.3

  • Since snapshot 1.11.904.3 I have a lot of problems with some pages (e.g. Amazon, ebay or other shops). When I open big versions of images on this websites in an overlay, then the websites is not working (parts or complete) anymore after closing overlays. Then on this sites no links work, I can not mark text and sometimes I con not even scroll. Very strange.

  • @tstiefel
    I'm not sure what you mean about "overlay" in your case.

    I test Amazon & Ebay, bigger image of products. And anything that I believe is overlay working here.
    Amazon has bigger overlay preview if we hover mouse pointer to a product.
    Ebay has overlay preview if we click image product.

    Also no problem with selecting text, scrolling or not complete page.

    Try clearing cache?

  • With "overlay" I mean everything which lays over the normal website, when I click on it (pop-ups, image viewer/zoom, whatever). Just let's stay on Amazon.
    There you have product image in the left top corner. When I put my mouse over an image (which support it ^^), then zoom is working and it has no impact on the behavior of the site. When I click on one of the image for bigger view and close the viewer pop-up, then no links are working and I'm not able to mark any text. Even mouse over zoom is not working anymore, not even the text below the image is changing. Normally when you move mouse over image then a text "click to open expanded view" appears and after move mouse away from image this text changes to "roll over image to zoom in".
    After reloading the page everything works again. Same problem appears after clicking on a customer image in customer comments.

    I have this problems only on Linux and not on Windows (both 64 bit).


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