Tab bar not reorganizing in snapshot 1.11.904.3

  • I installed snapshot 1.11.904.3 today and since then my tab bar is not reorganizing after I close one or more tabs. Even when I open new tabs they are displayed at the bottom of tab bar with some space between last and new tab (see red marked area in screenshot) below.


  • @tstiefel
    This, ever happen to me through 2~3 last snapshots, in horizontal tabs. If I'm not mistaken, I pass a user reporting about it here.

    But currently, it doesn't happen anymore since before this snapshot.

  • From the description, this sounds like what I've been experiencing for months now with horizontal tabs. At some point, any new tabs start to cover up the last tabs in the row, like this: Broken tab bar

    ETA: I'm still not positive, but I thought it may be related to tab stacks; I don't think the issue appears until viewing a tab inside a tab stack.

  • I know this does not help OP or anyone else with this problem, but just fyi, that problem last happened to me more than a year ago... maybe even older than that. Other than every second blue moon when i try vertical tabs to see if i can stomach them [nope], i virtually always use horizontal tabs at the top. Furthermore, i never have less than ~a dozen tabs open but frequently in the 30s, 40s & 50s [currently 45], & always with multiple tab stacks [some of which are pinned]. I'm an intensive user of V & do visit many sites during each day, ie, am v frequently opening batches of new tabs & progressively closing them [the newies, not the longer-term ones already mentioned] as i finish reading them. Throughout all this dynamic behaviour, V's tabs have continued to behave fine for me... across a plethora of snapshots.

    I wrote this not in any way to deny the reality of the OP's [etc] experience, but only to illustrate that whatever is wrong by definition cannot be a generic bug afflicting all instances of the Linux V... or maybe as an RPM user somehow that build is immune?

  • @Steffie Good to know. I can't get the problem to occur on my desktop, either, and that runs the same Linux OS as the laptop used in my previous post. I believe all of the tab related settings are the same. Maybe some form of profile corruption?

    ETA: On my laptop, my Vivaldi profile has survived several OS reinstalls by being copied over to an external hard drive and back.

  • @Erufael My previous post omitted some relevant info. I've only had oS TW on both my PCs since ~May this year. Prior to that, i lived in the Debian/*buntu sphere [Maui, Mint KDE, Mint Xfce]. All my V tab bar behaviour comments actually applied even more then compared to now, wrt my period of usage having been longer. So, for me at least, that's V Deb & RPM versions which for a very long time have not misbehaved per OP.

  • @Steffie I suppose one way to see if it's a profile problem on my end would be to save the URLs I currently have open (that's gonna be fun...), then wiping the profile and starting from scratch. Could be informative on this issue either way.

  • @Erufael Yes you could do that [& i definitely would encourage you to seriously consider a clean profile, which you then cautiously rebuild with your current data stepwise with iterative retesting... much has been written of this methodology & many of us here can help you, if your own searches of the fora here don't turn up any of the (many) posts about this].

    Additionally, wrt your implied substantial? number of active tabs, you do have pragmatic options, including, eg:

    1. Create a V Saved Session of them [which later we could show you how to retrive from your current profile if necessary].
    2. Install extension Session Buddy, save your current session in it, export said saved session [which gives you the opportunity to create/save it as external file].

    Then, close V, rename the current Default directory/folder [aka, your profile], launch V [which then creates the new clean empty profile], reinstall S/B extension [here i'm just using my #2 as an example], import your recently-saved S/B Session, then play around to see if the tabs' behaviour is now fine. Once you're satisfied, from your old profile you can progressively copy across many aspects of your data... but... carefully testing for V stability at each step [given that you don't want to transfer the presumed corruption of something in your current profile into your new profile & thereby bugger up all your hard work].

    Note: the synopsis above is NOT the only way to proceed; there are alternatives. Much depends on your capacity for clear logical thinking, understanding of where V stores specific things in your profile, tolerance for doing work, & patience.


  • Got busy with other things, but I just decided to reinstall the OS on the laptop (to Linux Mint KDE), and not backing up the profile. I'll see if the problem still happens, but I doubt it.


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