[Bug] WIN7 taskbar not disappear in full screen videos when Kaspersky software is on.

  • Does anyone have this kind of strange bug? It's very annoying. It's VB-22657 or VB-26871.
    Win 7 SP1 x64, V 1.11.901.3
    You have to have Kaspersky Internet Security (mine is v17) running, maybe any other Kaspersky software (?).
    Open some video in Vivaldi in full screen mode.
    Windows taskbar is left visible, you have to hover over browser icon (or click it) on taskbar to hide whole bar.
    It occurs almost on every site (with videos), but only once on each, if you hide taskbar, it wont show again on this site.
    Problem exists for almost one year and is very annoying.


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