Specific page for start page always prepends http(s)://

  • hi everyone : )
    so far, i really enjoy working with your browser /thumbsup
    the only thing that currently hinders me is that the "Specific Page" text input field always prepends http(s):// because
    it doesn't allow me to set dashboards provided by chrome extensions as the "Specific Page". e.g.:

    i like to use momentum as my start page with its URI

    when prefixed with https, this obviously does no longer work correctly : )

    i can totally understand the convenience aspect but maybe you could make a check if a protocol notation is already present.
    Currently i use my dashboard as web panel, which makes a decent work around, but ... well ... you state that you take start pages seriously, so i hope you might consider improving this 😃

    thanks in advance.
    best regards!

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    You cant set a specific new Start page at Settings → Tabs?
    Section New Tab page
    (•) Startpage

    Works for me with 1.10.867.48 (Stable) (64-Bit) and extension from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/momentum/laookkfknpbbblfpciffpaejjkokdgca

  • As far as i understand it, setting "specific page" in Settings → Tabs only applies when opening a new tab (ctrl+t), but not when i would like to set it as the homepage.

    (*) Startpage

    has no noticable effect for me. also only effects a new tab, as it seems (worked after a browser restart).

    what i would like to achieve is:
    a) have 3rd party extension as homepage (alt+home)
    b) have vivaldi start page with speed dial and such as "new tab" (ctrl+t)

    and as far as i get it, i would have to set "Startup → Homepage → Specific Page" with the URL provided by the extension which doesn't quite work as expected because it prepends http :D. or did i miss something else?

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    Ah, ok i misunderstand you now.

    Yes, that is a old bug. I will check the bugtracker. Please wait.

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    What happens if you use vivaldi://newtab as start page setting?

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Specific page for start page always prepends http(s)://:

    What happens if you use vivaldi://newtab as start page setting?

    This does work, indeed 😃 i would have never guessed that because it looks like a cyclic dependency.

    Thank you very much, Gwen-Dragon!

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    @meliora I found it as a comment from a Vivaldi dev in our internal bugtracker.


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