Blurry Everything.

  • I tried disabling the display scaling on high dpi settings to fix it, didn't work. It (seemed) to make it somewhat better though. Also: having the window out of focus makes it MUCH worse.

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    @Player1 Have you adjusted or changed your hardware acceleration settings in the browser at all?

  • @Ayespy Okay so. I will do that also: would telling you my graphics card help / is this somehow nvidias fault?

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    @Player1 It's impossible to say any other way than experimentation. There are so many cards, makers, drivers, there is no way to keep up with what works best. HiDPI is the hardest and fussiest to support, I don't have HiDPI, but I do run Intel 1680 X 1050, AMD NVidia and AMD Radeon graphics on 1920 X 1080 displays, and they all work perfectly.

    HiDPI displays are apparently an entirely different story. Most work, many don't.

  • @Ayespy Good news. I didn't do anything and it's gone. So hopefully it stays that way! :)

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    @Player1 Weird. But, hey - Okay!

  • @Ayespy I don't know why but I didn't have the issue at all last night, then I was at work all day. I installed it on my work computer, runs fine there. I'm running an nvidia 1060 the 3gb model with the latest drivers.

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