Characters to enter in the password form

  • It happens on account login form on every site.
    I enter ID and password. I have no mistake in entering the password. I will be rejected from the service if the password is different.

    As a solution, enter the password once in the text editor application or browser search form and location bar. Then copy (cut) it and paste it on the password form. Now I can log in.

    I'm a Japanese and Japanese language environment. Even if I change the system to English environment, it will happen. It will also occur at Ver.1.10.867.48 just updated.

    macOS Sierra 10.12.5

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    @izacks I don't know whether or not this is a known issue. Please file a bug report at:


  • @xyzzy OK, I sent a report.

  • Logging in to this Vivaldi forum was a little unusual behavior.

    1st login:

    2nd try (manual input)

    Apart from this problem, it is a display after logout.

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    Any extensions on you Vivaldi?
    And for login you need to allow Third Party Cookies for

    Can you please clear your cookies and cache with Tools โ†’ Clear Private Data?

  • @Gwen-Dragon You don't have to allow third party cookies to log into the forum. That's complete overkill. The error message shown sometimes pops up when logging in. If this happens to me I just hit the back button to go back to a forum page, hit reload, get a session mismatch -- and then I'm logged in.

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    @luetage I just ran into this glitch too while making a quick change to my online profile settings... the back-end ( and systems in this case got a bit upset with restrictive cookie settings. In my case, I logged out of the Vivaldi site, cleared my Vivaldi cookies, temporarily allowed 3rd-party cookies, made my online changes, logged out, restored my old browser settings, and all was good.

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    It is enough to set [*.] as cookie excepetion in vivaldi://chrome/settings/contentExceptions#cookies

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    @Gwen-Dragon Thanks. I think that's the best solution for most people but was hoping to keep things simple... for now... :-)

    Given that @izacks started out reporting a Vivaldi issue related to entering passwords, then ran into more issues logging into Vivaldi, I think the concern was more about whether these two issues were related, or if there was possibly a problem with the Vivaldi installation itself.

    @izacks I hope that we've provided a logical explanation for what was (most likely) the cause of the problem you experienced on the Vivaldi site, and given you a few options to address it. Thanks very much for reporting all of these issues!

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