Profile Alignment

  • I noticed avatars on profiles aren't centered correctly. They have a css of left: 50%, which puts the beginning of the element into the center, and then margin-left: -64px to really put it into the middle. The margin is wrong though. While the image is indeed 128px wide (64px is half of that), the deciding factor is the width of the avatar-wrapper, which is 136px, because it has a border of 4px. I fixed it for myself with a simple
    .account .cover .avatar-wrapper {margin-left: -68px !important}

    The second issue? I noticed is the height of the cover. It seems to be higher when you are visiting your own profile, compared to all the other users. Now I don't know if this is an issue with my background image, or if it's even intended design, but I would assume it's the same for everyone. Could anyone confirm this? I didn't find a fix for that one.

  • Hmm, I think I found it. The cover on our personal profiles has a top margin of 50px, which ensures that the full height of the cover is being shown. When you are visiting other user's profiles, there is no margin at top and 50px of the image are hidden behind the menuwrapper. For sake of consistency and background images with full height when visiting profiles:

    .account .cover {margin-top: 50px}

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